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A pirate's Life for Me

6 March 1987
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Pirates are Love Hot

Hello wondering
Internet person you. You've reached the oh so wonderful profile of
the one and only Itzel. Chances are that if you're in my Livejournal
you don't know me in real life, since if you do you would me in my
myspace. As such let me inform you with a couple of things regarding
the wonderful specimen that is me.

I was born on the
wonderful date of March 6th 1987 which makes me right now
feel incredibly old. My main passion is acting, and the theater and I
currently work for Disney World in the Entertainment department.
People that know me are aware that I'm quite cheery and happy most of
the time and that the times were I'm not like that I'm sleeping or
probably stressed out. I'm in love with costuming and role playing
which are probably my main hobbies other than The Sims right now.

I also enjoy
pretending that I can draw and write and I mainly do fanfiction or
fanart since it's the easiest for me, however my fanfiction is hidden
in the dark abysm of my computer and are only posted in my journal
which is the main reason why my journal is Friends Only, but really I
friend anyone that friends me as long as they comment on one of my
public entries and let me know since I hardly pay attention to my
user info that much.

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I roleplay Harry Potter, but I enjoy role playing original concepts
as well. Regarding Harry potter I have role played any type of
character in the list incluiding Original Characters, and Book
Characters however the ones that are currently in play are the ones
that follow:

Pansy Parkinson @ lady_pensee
Aldrick Joab Bradley @ raven_ponder
Severus Snape @ potion_man

Esmeralda Rodriguez @ simply_a_star

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