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wings_of_dreams [userpic]

(no subject)

May 7th, 2008 (01:18 am)

Drunkily : distressed

I don't care if you consider it spamming or if it kills your friends page. (All though i do but I want as many people to read this as possible!

The story of pregnant cat:

Someone left me on Oakwoods Apartment finding it easier to leave me and my unborn kittens there than to have to deal with me. I wonder around having cats pick on me and even fight with me. One night this nice girl called Liz chased off another mean cat from me who was hissing and attacking me. Now, I’m a smart cat…so next time I saw Liz and she called me over…I followed her home.

In her house she fed me and seemed frantic dialing on her phone. I was friendly and purred and let myself be petted. Then another girl called Itzel came in with a guy called Cory and they put me in a carrier and took me to another home. Once there they gave me a room to myself with blankets everywhere and fed me good food! Each time they opened the door (their other cats didn’t seem to like me that much…) I ran up to them purring and let them pick me up and hold me. They gave me a name! They called me Sophie!

Finally the day of giving birth happened! I was laying down and Cory opened the door to clean my litter box and saw white fur underneath me! He called Liz, and her roommate Heather! Everyone was so excited! They even texted Itzel who was at work. But things were getting hard with my second kitten and they had to call Karen who came by to visit and make sure everything was all right.

I was then rushed to the hospital, it turned out one of my babies was too big for me! Unfortunately that baby didn’t make it. And they needed to put me through an operation to rescue the others. This cost a lot to my friends are trying to help me out. They also need to get me my vaccinations and test to make sure I’m not sick. Please help them out? Another two of my kittens might not make it but I and other kittens have a chance!

That’s the story of pregnant cat (now called Sophie) please find it in your heart to donate even a dollar helps! The operation cost $ 700 dollars we need to pay it back! Any other money that you donate will be put towards Sophie’s vaccinations and expenses along with her kitten’s. Every little bit helps! Any leftover money will be donate to Candy’s Cat the organization that Karen works for and that has been helping us with all this ordeal.

EDIT: Paypal charges for using the donation button so instead you can us paypal to send me or Liz money for Sophie. Either put my e-mail: itze7511@hotmail.com or Liz : onecherrysoda@yahoo.com

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

(no subject)

November 16th, 2007 (09:45 pm)

Random but....

Once upon a time someone send me a link to a plugin that let you login to your livejournal from your browser it was useful for rpgs. I had to reformat my lappie and can't find it. Anyone knows of this?

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

(no subject)

August 7th, 2007 (02:06 pm)

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension29
Your crimeAberforth/Frank the Goat fanart.
Who reported youwill_lunar
Your fateStanding on street corners with a sign "will write Harry Potter porn for food".

wings_of_dreams [userpic]


July 29th, 2007 (02:22 am)

it sucks to be sick....and REALLY want to roleplay but have no one to do it with....I REALLY want to join a post DH RPG but can't find one that's good.

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

(no subject)

July 19th, 2007 (12:58 pm)

Drunkily : busy

I was going to write this post tonight but I figured might as well do it now before work and before I get tired.

I'll confess right up to the part. I would like to say I was one of the cool kids that liked Harry Potter from the get go that I read it before the movies came out and that I went there to yell at the movie for taking so much out.

Unfortunetly this is not the case. I'm not quite sure but I think one of my friends lend me the books in Spanish once but I didn't get any interest in it or I saw the movie and then she lend them to me. Either way I saw the movie first and then after writing a terrible fanfiction I tried to read the books that were lend to me in Spanish but wouldn't focus on them. It was one day in an airport that I picked up the first copy of the book. it was a paperback copy and I read it on my trip. I remember precisely that I sat next to a priest in the plane and we got into a conversation about the book.

Since then my life hasn't been the same. I jumped into the fandom but it ended up being far more for me. I met so many wonderful people i learned to become an individual without fear of being shun down because hey they were people as old as I was who also dressed up. Who also liked to read the novels so all the tease and calls in school weren't able to break me down even my Spanish teacher read the books. I found online so many people that liked them I read fanfiction, my first commissioned drawing were the Harry Potter trio, I joined role playing games, I dressed up for the movies and I did so many else countless things that I can't remember them all.

Now that the books are ending I don't feel the fandom will die out. We're a messed up fandom somehow but we've proven to get through ship wars and deads just fine. This is not the end of the fandom though. You know why? Because there will always be stories that were left untold there will always be characters that we want to know about and there will always be fans.

For the story of a boy who lived who found love and found he was special in a different world I tip my hat. I was stuck in a cupboard before I met him and always in an in-direct way this boy who lived cheered my days up whether it was through art, writings, or role-playing it made me get through the most darker days. Now thanks to this story I was able to fly away and secretly hope that the en-listing age for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is actually way later on in life because I would detest being a muggle.

On to other news Heather do you have Friday off? If not I can pick up your wristband for you or something I'm going to be there early and I'll probably stay and help out a bit before i try to find a skirt and sweater that better suits my costume probably a skirt because the skirt I have it's a bit difficult to sit on the floor with...I also have to find socks or stockings or something plus I have to put manicured fingernails, d all of that...and tweak my wig  a bit all though I might leave it as long as it is now so people don't confuse me for Snape.

I wish I had my little ferret keychain thing >_> ... Gah I also have to do my eyebrows and I'm only doing this tomorrow because it's when I get paid! >_>

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

(no subject)

May 31st, 2007 (03:48 am)

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

Pirates of the Caribbean 3/ Why I have a love/hate relationship with Elizabeth!

May 25th, 2007 (07:47 pm)

Drunkily : bouncy

Whee! WOW! I'll say it again WOW! That movie was so much better than dead man's chest it followed the same thing that i loved as the first one as I told Cory. The first movie was long but it didn't feel like it, the second movie was hell as long and it felt like it, the third movie was hell long but omg! It didn't feel like it! I don't want them to make a fourth movie I think the ending was great it left off just when it needed to and the ending it made me cheer for it. Also everyone randomly starts calling each other by their first names in thism ovie is like "Well let's make sure EVERYBODY knows our names!"

First off the night... it was amazing! Cory and I went as the auctioneer and the redhead because our other costumes fell through so yeah. Anyways we went there at around 9 or 10 and we soon saw the girl I knew from deviantart and her costume was amazing! She went as Tia Dalma and her friend went as Elizabeth it turns out I was Mr. Walrus when they went to Mickey's not so scary. We got harrased by an Evangelist, Cory and I exited left while Elizabeth slipped away and I think unfortunetlly Tia Dalma was left stuck with the Evangelist. Oh and we also made a guy that apparently has made a remix of Jack Sparrow's jar of dirt ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRcj6CAhe7s)and a girl was dressed as William Turner. We had a lot of fun and we even saw a guy that was dressed as Will who was really good at it unfortunetlly we were just walking around so I didn't get to really talk to him.

While we were waiting i kept complaining about the movie theater but Cory darling cheered me up and then we got to play that game from the second movie which I STILL don't understand. Either way that was fun and Cory's kicked everybody's butt! Ha ha!! Then it was 12:01 and we went to our seats! ...But the movie didn't started! So after complaining a bit Corysays "Everybody on the count of three turn around and glare at the projectionist." So everybody did and she pointed to the screen and the.... PREVIEWS STARTED!

Yeah...we were annoyed we wanted to see our prescious JACK!!! Finally! The movie started! Actually the castle showed up and we were like

Spoilerrs ahead! One thing though STAY after the credits...the otherr after the credit things are usually just random endings but this one YOU WILL KICK YOURSELF IF YOU DON'T SEE!

Really I hope they don't make any more I'm content with how it is. I don't want anything else to happen to it it's a wonderful ending for all the series. i don't want any prequels, sequels, series, comic books, books...nothing there's fanfiction to explore everything that's been left unexplored...

Just one thing....Barbossa has a bigger telescope than Jack xD Also I might write a more in depth why I love/hate Elizabeth essay later on. Also there's a secret scene that I've wanted to see...but it has never happened...you know how in the first movie Jack says he'll teach the Yo Ho song to everybody in his crew? I always wanted to see either a sing along scene with scenes from PotC, a scene with jack teaching the crew the song or something like that I don't know WHY!!!

Either way I really want to write my essay now...and  start my  Ana Maria/jack fanfiction which will explain why she wasn't in the movies...I love fanfiction that tells stories that we never got to watch and this is one that I think was left highly untouched.

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

Never knew I could feel like this!!!

April 12th, 2007 (10:57 pm)

Currently at: My Bed
Drunkily : annoyed
The sea says: Come What May - Moulin Rouge


Anyways I'm putting up a local community service in my journal. As someone that likes to draw I'm repulse at the fact that they are people out there that not only steal ideas but are capable of earning an enormous amount of money from it. Case in point: Todd Goldman. he is stealing ideas from people online and being a billionare hell he's even stealing stuff that are copyrighted to heavens knows who. His art is not only in galleries but in stores (the fact that THIS art gets in galleries  and sold for so much money makes me stutter and shout a Guuuh?) in merchandise that you people probably have somewhere.

Look here: http://www.miketyndall.com/todd_goldman/

Personally I even thought that the girl sticky figures where from the SAME people that did Happy Bunny it never ocured to me they weren't the same. People we all know artists are sometimes very poor and the fact that one of the ones in the community is making money off the others like a leech should make us open our eyes. His site with merchandise is: http://www.davidandgoliathtees.com

The place where I've seen most of his merchandise at is Hot Topic...please don't sponsor him! Even his goodbye kitty shirts are not plagerized but to me they sound oddly like the Suicidial Bunnies comics. PLEASE SPONSOR ART NOT THEFT!

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

(no subject)

October 26th, 2006 (04:13 pm)

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

(no subject)

August 26th, 2006 (08:05 am)

Oh yeah pimping with the Tweedles <3 And ... I'm wearing Tigger ears :D

wings_of_dreams [userpic]

(no subject)

September 6th, 2004 (08:48 pm)

Drunkily : accomplished


To be my friend you don't really have to meet any requirements. You just have to give me your first born comment here so I can add you back. I can't really offer you anything just...that I like to talk about random things, like to roleplay and I like to believe I can write and draw...nothing else really. I don't even know how long it will be before I give up on this privacy thing and go back to my old journal I forget to lock the entries.

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